About UK Private Investigators

Financing PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT or COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERSHIP can be a challenge, and the high street banks
don't always have the answers. In order to achieve the best results for our clients we follow a very simple but highly effective 3 step sequence : we show we understand client's NEED + we show that we have the SOLUTION + we show what it will COST.

Our careful approach to preparing, placing, and managing our clients' business ensures their funding proposals have the best possible chance of success and that they are handled with the utmost skill, care, and commitment.

In all matters, our intent is to "Keep it Supremely Simple", avoiding unnecessary complications which can slow things down.

Welcome to Hanover Commercial Finance.

We are a private consultancy practice whose core business is working with UK registered and non-UK registered corporate clients, also non-UK resident investors and HNW clients, in residential property development, construction, and commercial property sectors, delivering funding solutions on the finest terms and rates from lenders known for their trust and reliability.

The principal of the practice is a former commercial lawyer with a background of more than 25 years in property finance.

In all respects, we apply the most practical approach to a specific purpose, need, or question, in order to be " the best answer"
wherever our clients are looking. We are uniquely positioned to deliver the best deals for our clients and/or offer a structured solution to special funding requirements which conventional channels may be unable to provide.

We arrange funding in any location in the U.K., and can also arrange for specially selected projects in the Republic of Ireland.